3 Top Sites to Visit in Lucca

When holidaymakers choose to book an independent villa the Italian region of Tuscany, they want to spend their days exploring historic cities, luccastyle sampling delicious cuisine and enjoying the sunshine. You can do all this and more in Lucca.

This is just one of Tuscany’s many Medieval cities but it is among the best preserved so is well worth visiting in order to get a glimpse of the region’s past. You can admire everything from ancient walls and towers to beautiful places of worship. Here are three sites that are definitely worth including on your schedule.

Duomo di San Martino

This 14th century cathedral is Romanesque in style and is made up of a striking white façade decorated with arches and columns. To one side stands the red brick and white bell tower, 800ageexpert which is typical of the architectural designs of the time being square in shape.

Inside the cathedral there is plenty to see, including the Temple of the Volto Santo di Lucca – or Sacred Countenance. This is the city’s most treasured possession as it contains a wooden crucifix bearing the image of Jesus that is believed to have been carved by Saint Nicodemus – who helped prepare Jesus’s body for burial.

City walls

There are several medieval walled cities in Tuscany, but Lucca is one of the best examples as its walls have survived remarkably intact. This is despite the city within them expanding over the centuries.

On a sunny day, there is no better place to be than atop these walls, ntneurosurgery around which you can either walk or cycle to take in the views of the city. The perimeter of the defences spans 4 km in total, so this could be an enjoyable stroll to take when you arrive at Lucca – and a great way of seeing as much of the settlement as possible.

Torre Guinigi

Tuscany is also known for the Medieval towers that once stood over its towns and cities and Lucca was home to hundreds of them – although few have survived. One that has is Torre Guinigi, which you will recognise immediately because it has oak trees growing out of the top of it.

If you’re not too tired from walking around the walls, port32naplesboatrentals you could climb the 25 flights of steps up to the top of the tower, where you can admire unparalleled views across Lucca while enjoying the shade of the trees. This really is an unusual experience.







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